There is 1 course prerequisite (listed below) that is required for Keystone participation. 

Don't have a CAC card for access to JKO?  Click "Enter JKO" then "Non-Government Personnel/Sponsored Account Registration" at and use Bonnie Swanson as a sponsor for your username and password (Bonnie Swanson,, 202-685-2330, DSN 325-2330)

Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) II Course

The SEJPME II Course is a stand-alone web-based course that uses multi-media instruction. The course contains a pre-test, section knowledge checks (quizzes), end of module exams, and lesson feedback forms.  In order to receive a completion certificate, all learning modules and tests must be passed, and a completed electronic course evaluation/feedback form is required.  IMPORTANT: The new course on JKO does not allow a student to "click through" the material. Additionally, the exam at the end of each module must be passed before a student is allowed to progress to the next module. Failing the end of module exam 3 times results in a 14 day lockout on that module exam. Please plan accordingly for the 45 hours of online instruction.

Graduates of the Joint Special Operations University Senior Enlisted Academy (JSOU SEA) are considered SEJPME II complete.  Please provide date of SEA graduation as SEJPME II completion date on registration documents.  Click HERE for latest documentation.

For more information and to enroll in the SEJPME II Course, please visit Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) webpage by using this link:

POC:  Mr. John R. Lipps, Chief, Senior Enlisted JPME (SEJPME) Branch, JKO, JS J7 
757-203-5592, DSN: 312-668-5592

Optional, but a great joint resource: Joint Military Operations Reference Guide